Designer & seamstress behind Bowie Danedanas is Nicole Mondragon. Her Etsy shop has been open since October 2020. Nicole makes and sells custom dog apparel for mostly Great Danes — collars, leashes, bandannas, bows, blankets, toys, and much more!

Nicole has been a nurse for 10+ years, but she would love to cut back on nursing and spend more time sewing and playing with her pups. She has three Great Danes at home, Zuma, Bowie, and Nova! Nicole found it difficult to find apparel for her big dogs, and that’s what inspired her to start Bowie Danedanas.

DaneDana Trio
Zuma "The Pack Leader" A black dane, CGC Certified & Training Therapy Dog.  Bowie "The main Model" Nova "The sweet Pup"


One great thing about Bowie Danedanas is that they make monthly donations and do fundraisers for Danes in need and Dane rescues.